Friday, January 13, 2006

Why Can't A Priest Molest Me?

I swear, with a pretty little mouth like mine you'd think they'd be lining up. I've always acted as vulnerable as possible but no one ever tries to shove me in their trunk or fuck me while I'm 'sleeping.' It's soooooo annoying to be the only kid around who totally wants a hot priest cock and can't fucking find one. I'll tell you this much too, all the stupid girls like me sooooo much. They're always saying how cute my curly, floppy hair is and how nice I'm always dressed. As if I do it for THEM! The janitor at school doesn't even seem to notice me when I keep dropping my binder near his closet and bend over with my totally cute J. Crew boxers peeking out. He might just be cautious though, which is cool, but I DO like to feel a little pursued you know? I swear, it's like a boy has to just THROW himself at a man before he'll try to fuck them. My lips are soooooo soft and pouting all the time. Why no balls on my cute little chin? I'm straight up waiting for it and no one gives it to me. I'm going to go lube up a carrot and get it stinky.

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Anonymous said...

More hotties please!