Friday, January 13, 2006

I Think This Hat Does A Lot For Me

Check it out, check it out! Brand new derby hat fresh out of the box and placed on my head at a nice rakish angle. Nothing on Earth to make a sporting man like myself stick out in a crowd. Only thing I need is a cigar to chomp on and a walking stick to make me look like a real dandy. Of course, no one else seems to think too much of this fine new hat but never you mind. Some people just have no taste that's all! I'm only hanging out over in the corner here at this party because I don't want the cigarette smoke to ruin the felt of this lovely hat. It cost a pretty penny and does dress me up nicely doesn't it? Doesn't make me look at all faggish does it? Nope, I thought not. Not a badge of homosexuality at all. Straight as an arrow, I am. This hat doesn't give away my interest in fucking men in the slightest. I just happen to wear this hat AND enjoy screwing guys. No connection whatsoever between the two.


Anonymous said...

I think Micah had sex with this guy in college.

Anonymous said...

no, too good looking for micah.

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