Monday, January 02, 2006

RU Still Down? (Remember Me?)

Yo! Here's a little Rhyme about all my CRIME:

Two dead bitches in da trunk cuz they earn no scratch,
I'm still sellin' crack rocks by the motherfuckin' batch.
I got the big lips and a stupid fucking hat,
The projects my home cuz my dick is so fat.
Big gold chains, blowin out brains, leavin mattress stains cuz my money fills a train.
I'm really fucking black and I don't read much,
grandma spanked my ass for leavin rubbers on the hutch.
Crip til I die, always fuckin high, no reason why, salad tossin' guy.
All my boys wear blue, just like I do, it matches with our shoes, we don't like jews.
Big balls hanging low, my car aint paid fo', no fucking insurance, gas is really fucking expensive and shit.
Next week I gets to get a job, some whites I'll try to rob, they daughters on my nob, black men have no options.

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