Friday, March 25, 2011

Sherds or Shards? An Archaeologist's Dilemma

Preeminent archeaologist Dr. Walter G. Lungwarts is currently facing what is gaining attention as the Sherd/Shard Discontinuity. "What the fuck am I supposed to call these little chunks?" The Princeton educated doctor asked, holding up a wedge of terra cotta clay. "How can I publish if I can't even get that much right?" I had no easy answer to give the man. "Fuck it," Dr. Lungwarts said at the conclusion of our meeting as he tossed what could have been a valuable artifact back into the pit at the digsite. "If I can't name it, what's the point?"

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Richie "I'm Wealthy" Rich

Who needs character development or plot when your protagonist is THE RICHEST KID IN THE WORLD? What do for book 34 when you're running low on ideas? Just have THE RICHEST KID IN THE WORLD shovel money into a night deposit box at the bank! No need for a deposit slip, no one else has THAT much money!