Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Balls Are Where It's At!

Any man out there who has 'been' with a woman can tell you this with unshakable certainty; the balls are ALL that counts! Big dick? Thick veiny shaft? Fist sized mushroom tip? Fuck that shit. Big, low hanging, suckable nuts are all that women want and/or need. You got balls the size of crab apples and you’ve got a woman with a smile on her face it would take a machete to remove. Who cares if the tip of your dick is smaller than your thumbnail! It simply does not matter! You put your penis AND balls into her and we’ll see a girl that’s satisfied. The most important thing is, if you have a small dick and big nuts, post pictures of that shit on the internet. There’s no telling how many people out there are turned on seeing a woman HUMILIATED by a man wielding two pomegranates and a fucking tube of Chapstick. Also, grow that bush in nice and thick. Makes your dick look even shorter and that will get her halfway there before you even stuff your yam sack in her face.

1 comment:

Reed Watterson said...

Did you steal my secret pictures? That looks a lot like me.