Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm Not Wearing Underwear

Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
What aspect of me do you find the most sexy? Is it my Freddy Kreuger sweater? The way I part my hair down the middle? My penetrating gaze? Come into my boxcar and I'll show you what love is. I'll show you what hobos do when the traincar closes. I'll show you that I'm not wearing anything down there. All that stands between you and paradise is a zipper and lots of pubes. Pet me. Lick my navel. Are you getting turned on too?


Anonymous said...

weak. just really, really weak. did your mom not give you enough hugs max?

Maximillion said...

So I'm the fucking David Arquette of bloggers, huh? You wouldn't be saying that if you saw my new Pontiac Solstice.

Buff Tan Honky said...

At night, as a boy, I would cry into the arms of hobos under the Seattle Viaduct. They cradled my tender, naked body and I will never forget the words of kindness they crooned into my ears. Those words lifted me. But when those same hobos lifted me onto their meat lances I realized that I had something to give in return. Sometimes a little sacrifice can yield so much in return. I thank them for that, and I thank you for understanding.

stupaflyslamminbeat said...

I'm rollin' up in a big gray bus
And I'm shackled down
Myself that's who I trust
The minute I arrived
Some sucker got hit
Shanked ten times
Behind some bullshit
Word in the pen the fool was a snitch
So without hesitatin'
I made a weapon quick
If found a sharp piece of metal
Taped it to a stick
Then a bullhorn sounds
That means it's time for chow
My first prison meal
The whole feeling was foul
It wasn't quite my style
But my stomach growled
So I flushed the shit down
And hit the weight pile
The brothers was swole
The attitudes was cold
Felt the tension on the yard
From the young and the old
But I'm a warrior
I got my ground to hold
So I studied the inmates
To see who hd the power
the Whites? The Blacks?
Or just the gun tower!

Anonymous said...

max must be really cool if he knows who david Arquette is. keep bloggin your ass off you know talent pontiac driving hack!

Anonymous said...

i heard max is a snowballer.

Anonymous said...

max wishes he could pull off this dudes seriously hip image. you should try it, take off your skirt.

ps. stop being so ugly.


Oh shit, crashed Mitch's subliminal, three strikes that's called habitual criminal.

Maximillion's beard said...

I guess I am a know talent hack, as anonymous suggested. I thought about stopping blogging but decided know, that would be dumb. There are know better bloggers than me out there, it's a know brainer that I should keep blogging. There's just know reason for me to continue with my spelling classes either, everyone no's I'm a terrific speller.

Anonymous said...

sorry im banging too many hot chicks to proof read or spell correctly. you should worry less about spelling and more about who you are going to beg for a hand job from tonight.

ps. your ugly.

Maximillion of the Seven Seas said...

Thanks for you're advice. Your right as always.


You're favorite blog professional

Mind Over Matter said...

I can drop rhymes in twos,
And threes and fours
nd still have much shit
Left for encores
Cause once my mind locks
In on a dope idea
Mothercukin' ducks
Should stand clear
Cause I'm a hit the topic point blank
It's jail ya better keep your shank
Cause I got mine
And I'm out on a solo creep

Ron Says Monk said...

Maximillion...preserve my fucking beard.

Anonymous said...

Two knuckles deep just doesn't cut it. I need the whole hand.

My homeboy Ed said...

crazy friends, crazy friends he had
superfly 'drobe, super dope pad
cars for your ASS and i'm talking 'bout CLASS
benzes and better with his name on the dash

Iceberg said...

I ain't new to this
I ain't new to this
Never been
New to this
New to this
I ain't new to this
New to this
Fuck around and catch a left and a right fist

Anonymous said...

Fuck the world, for all it's worth, every inch of planet Earth.