Friday, January 20, 2006

Are My Nipples Showing?

I just bought this shirt and I have to say its been a big hit. I think the attention everyone has been heaping on me has to do with my highly visible nipples through this extremely small polo shirt. Of course, I probably should by a medium size shirt but I can't bring myself to purchase anything above a small. I hate shirts that could even accidentally be tucked in. There's something about the way my well tanned arms look as they jut proudly from teeny tiny sleeves barely covering my shoulders that drives the women wild. When the wind blows and I get a little chilly my nipples poke out through the flimsy material like a couple of heavenly beacons. My nipples attract women like moths to a buglight. Yeah, that's right, I stab that shit when they get in range. This girl here I met at a street vendor's cart where she was looking at some puka shell necklaces. I ever so gently brushed my nipple across her bare arm and she went rigid. I knew at that moment that her genitals were becoming moist and ready for sex. This is common. Dropping a complement about her slight 'gay belly' sticking out of her breezy cotton pants I knew from the look on her face that I would have her ankles crossed behind my neck before nightfall. I am a world traveler, a woman conqueror, a sancho if you will. This is my destiny. Are my nipples in your future?

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