Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Fucked Your Daughter

I thought I should mention that I worked up quite the appetite having sex with your daughter while you were at work today. I'm going to eat so much fucking food to replace all those lost calories. It's not that easy moving this much mass on top of a woman! Girls like me for my fucking girth. Yeah, that's right, my thighs aren't the only thing thats thick. WHOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEE! I've got so many notches on my reinforced headboard I get fucking splinters in my big sausagy fingers. Even the backs of my hands sweat I'm so thick and juicy. I'm on the prowl on the way to Dairy Queen and the good lord knows that after three Peanut Buster Parfaits I'm going to be in the mood to rut with a couple babes. It's just the power of the pounds that fuels my burning desire for well lubricated sex. Tonight I can feel it coming, I'm going to wreck some hoes fo' sho'!

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