Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Yeah I Party

we made love together
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So you asked what I did this last weekend? No? Well I'll tell you anyway. I got fucked up. That's right. Totally fucking hammered. Me and my buddies went down to the asian market on the corner and picked up a case of Lucky and a couple packs of smokes. I slammed two of those fucking beers before we even got back. I stuffed the empties behind some car tires so when they drive off they might pop the tires. Kenny said he was going to drink at least ten but at the rate I was going there wasn't going to be enough for him because I was going to drink at least twenty. I kept chugging them, those stubby, stupid fucking bottles one after another. Joe got pissed and left when I pissed in a bottle and spilled the shit all over his jacket when I was trying to throw it out the window. I finished a bunch of those fucking beers then I passed out on the couch. I guess a bunch of fuckers came over later but I wasn't awake for that shit. Those fucks probably didn't drink that much anyway. Fucks.

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