Sunday, July 24, 2005

Homosexuality Is Not Accidental

Are you gay if you accidentally check out someone's ass and the person with the long blonde hair and tight shorts turns out to be a guy? Sources say...YES! According to ground breaking scientific studies conducted at some less than noteworthy university homosexuality is the type of thing that does not just 'fall into your lap' so to speak. If your friend is changing next to you in the locker room and you bend down to tie your shoes and accidentally glance directly at his gorgeous penis and balls, you are gay. This is your suppressed homosexuality slipping out for a microsecond and there is nothing accidental about it at all. There is nothing accidental about dropping a lemon wedge you were trying to shove into your beer and brushing your friend's leg when you go to retrieve it. You are extremely homosexual if this happens. So watch out because you are probably gayer than you think.

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