Monday, July 18, 2005

Online Love Exists

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From the photo you can tell Im a pretty good looking guy. But even for me love can be tough to find. Then I caught up with the times. Computers are where it's at! Here is a quick conversation I had online that found me a match made in heaven. Enjoy!

logging hogglemustdie into chat...

You joined 40's:5
Topic: you're in the prime of your life, so enjoy it!
Connecting to the audio chat server...
hogglemustdie joined the room.
hogglemustdie: strapped to the chair they should die there
foamy: i have the same problem hazel when my kids come
hazeleyedminx: which one?
hogglemustdie: we dont dont need you or your lives
hogglemustdie: piles of guts moist and steaming
hogglemustdie: face down dead on the ground
foamy: hog ....cut that out will ya
hogglemustdie: five days before another is found
toney282: brb ...but not staying here
hogglemustdie: i come alive in the darkness
hogglemustdie: dead buried and nameless
sweet_tater_tess: Hoggle just died in the iggy bin
hogglemustdie: half eaten by insects… I love the DEAD!
hogglemustdie: im sooooooo tan
foamy: **** who desnt deserve out time or day
whitewolf: woopie!!!!!!!! so am i
boobs_an_ass: any one like big wimen
boobs_an_ass: big an easy
hogglemustdie: not sure...did I mention I was tan?
foamy: awww kare...dont make me
hogglemustdie: got a haiku for you all:
boobs_an_ass: cant a girl even get laid in here
hogglemustdie: dead bitch on my floor, her head all wrapped in plastic, it must be thursday!
hogglemustdie: im still tan over here, gimme some love!
sweet_tater_tess: I know it hurts when you lose them.
hogglemustdie: anyone want to talk about my body for a while ?
do_u_kare: she was only 9 weeks
whitewolf: aw! thats sad i lost my 14 yr old lab
hogglemustdie: for starters its tan, also it is sooooo MALE
hogglemustdie: white becomes bronze
hogglemustdie: tan is the new gold
whitewolf: sorry to hear that
foamy: i lost my 17 mix breed.....and hubby brought home another dog....but i wasnt ready for i asked him to take it back
hogglemustdie: even my armpits are golden brown
hogglemustdie: i wash laundry on my abs
whitewolf: i adopted a chichauhau after my angel died
do_u_kare: I still have her two brothers
whitewolf: i have 2 of angels pups one looks like her
foamy: just that at the time i wasnt ready for another dog to take her place
hogglemustdie: my girlfriend looks like a dog
boobs_an_ass: plenty to go around for every on
hogglemustdie: i also do her like a dog
hogglemustdie: i shave my back and smear mayo on it
hogglemustdie: that way the tan tastes good
hogglemustdie: i made love last night soooooooo slowly
boobs_an_ass: i didnt hoggle but just had to play with my toys
hogglemustdie: my back aches like shit now
too_old_to_run_fast: yes, boobs and hoggl r a match made in chat heaven
boobs_an_ass: yea i could turn him ever way but loose
devil_eyed_redhead: than do it, and leave the rest of us alone
foamy: yea we think she has spaniel and whtever else in her
boobs_an_ass: i think i like him a lot
hogglemustdie: ive got a match for you, my face and your ass
boobs_an_ass: i am real nice
hogglemustdie: my face is the size of a walnut all scrunched and brown from tanning
hogglemustdie: im not gay anymore, but I still try
hogglemustdie: anyone want to discuss my newest tanning oil?
boobs_an_ass: well my ass is a little bigger and very white i should be able to see you
splendid_in_red1951 left the room.
hogglemustdie: my entire head could fit into a coffee cup
foamy: i think boobs is invisiable
boobs_an_ass: how about in my coffee cup handsome
hogglemustdie: i have big huge low hanging testicles
boobs_an_ass: hoggle i need your tool for just one nite
hogglemustdie: my body aches from sex and tanning but I crave more of both
hogglemustdie: boobsanass has a face like an old leather wallet
hogglemustdie: i want to make love to her now
hogglemustdie: okay, all joking aside. anyone want to talk about my tan body now?
hogglemustdie: i love babes with large wierd teeth


Anonymous said...

thats so erotically challenged

Mike said...

Dude, keep us informed. I want to hear ALL the details of your liaison with Boobs N Ass.

Anonymous said...