Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Who Wants Sex Now?

we make sex now yes?
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Okay, what the fuck is with the illustrations inside condom packages? To be honest, you'd think someone using a condom would be mature enough to have diagrams that don't appear to be geared towards ten-year-olds. What gives with the wierd fucking balls and the snatch that doesn't have hair but a strange five o'clock shadow? Back to those nuts for a minute. I'd like to know who has nuts that look like a cartoon chin because that fucking guy needs to see a doctor or something. Also, where the fuck are the guy's legs? He just has this wierd disembodied crotch floating in front of her oddly flat crotch that needs a shave. An added bonus for this guy is that he must have the longest pinky finger known to man. Just look at the drawing for a minute and you'll realize that his pinky must be much longer than his index finger. That would be pretty useful for things like scooping up cocaine and giving the shocker really deep.


Bizzle Fitz said...

The bigger question is why the hell do they have to resort to drawings? Aren't people having sex mature enough to handle photographs involving real genitalia, real human forms, and real spatial configurations, not some crotch with severed legs?

Maximillion said...

I think both of them are into shaving their crotches, but not to often mind you, because there's a 5 o'clock shadow on both of them. Or maybe that's a little girl and he just dotted around her crotch with a magic marker so it wouldn't seem so illegal?