Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Arrrghh! This Tooth Be Magical!

kiss the tooth
Originally uploaded by drippingmullet.
The scourge of the seven seas be sweet Erin of Yorkshire Proper whose big front tooth is the ruin of many a young man. She lures the lads in with a flash of 'er tooth and leaves 'em high and dry without a cent to their names. This trick of 'er tooth she calls Cuspid Majik for it works better than Gargamel's potions when stealing the heart of the wayward man. Her favorite haunt be the Old Salty Dog tavern, though truth be told, she's been seen as far away as the J&M in Seattle and McSorley's on Manhattan Island. Her tricks be devious and her strength unknown as she's been seen to take in as many as ten sailors in a single evening with nary a stretch mark or a bleedin' crack to show for it. If you run into the likes of Erin, keep one eye on the tooth and yer hand on yer wallet.

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