Saturday, July 02, 2005

Do some like it TALL?

Do some like it TALL?
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Have you ever looked at a really tall couple and thought how awkward their sex must be? I guess that's why there's not a robust market in porn featuring really TALL chicks. Or is there any tall porn at all? Doing a search for "tall sex" or "tall porn" doesn't brings up a bunch of irrelevant pages. I'm not talking about porn featuring leggy blondes, I'm talking about porn with a six foot four inch behemoth having her way with some dude.

Is that why the WNBA hasn't attracted the same male crowd as women's tennis? There's plenty of TALL girls in pro basketball but I can't recall a Maxim spread with the NY Liberty's backup center in a thong.

So what about women's volleyball, you might ask? The beach volleyball gold medal women's team in last year's Olympics had tongues wagging and featured the thin, oh-so-TALL Kerri Walsh. But most of the perverts focused on her curvy partner and ignored the beanstalk Walsh.

I guess guys are just intimidated by super TALL chicks because they look kind of stupid standing next to one or having to turn their head upwards to get a kiss. But that's irrelevant in porn, and with many guys desiring to get dominated by women, why isn't there a market for watching super TALL chicks getting it on? Is watching midgets really that much better?

Damn it now I'm pissed off. Guys get off on everything under the sun, chicks with horses, chicks with no limbs, chicks getting eaten by zombies - is it really too much to ask for someone to get off on TALL sluts? is still available, somebody better get this going soon.

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