Saturday, July 02, 2005

When Drinking Goes Awry

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You start out the evening with all to familiar quotes like 'I'm going to get so fucking trashed' and 'I feel a good drunk coming on' but never do you expect to end the night in an ambulance. Face down in the bathroom maybe, but the use of surgical gloves and any kind of serious medical attention is generally off the list things that make a night fun. Then again it's difficult to make it through a serious session without at least one person involved ending up wounded whether it be the result of a self inflicted head wound from an unsuccessful bottle breaking attempts of a fist punched through a pane of glass. Things of this nature are not too far off the beaten path, but the deeper you go into a alcohol or drug induced stupor the more bizarre the results become. This is the realm I like to call the 'Mystery Wound Phase' because rarely are the incidents surrounding the bruises, gouges and internal injuries more than a faint, confusing blur. Ever wake up with a knee the size of a football, a new pair of jeans torn so extensively they look like shorts plus a few burns that look surprisingly similar to cigarette burns on your forehead? No? How about coming to behind a hedge with lacerated palms and a tire track across your chest? Nights like these are often followed by a few days of mild notoriety from 'friends' who were with you who describe your 'utter lack of fear' when attacking a moving vehicle with a flattened basketball or your 'complete disregard for personal safety' when juggling the broken-off necks of several bottles of hard liquor to the delight of the crowd. Entering this level of partying is not for the faint of heart and should not be taken lightly, but that being said it can yield many wonderful memories for others as well as plenty of interesting scars.

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