Thursday, July 07, 2005

This Head Was Built For Thinkin'

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HEY YOU! That's right! I'm talkin' to you! I'm the kid with the big-ass head lying here on the bench. Don't think I didn't notice your sidelong glances and shocked expression. I know you looked away so quickly because you are jealous of just how big my goddamn head really is. I can think like a son-of-a-bitch with this fucker too. Don't doubt it for a second. I can think around corners like a white bitch can smell cash in a wallet. I'm fucking hard like that. See this bitch in the bandana? She's only sitting here so the fucker with the camera wouldn't snap a picture of the huge fucking cock I have too. Yeah, having a big head is like that, you sometimes get a few more somewhere else. But to be honest, you know, on a lighter note, I hope my neck bulks up a little because a brain this huge likes to think upright. I'm tired of this stupid ass bench. I have a pillow the size of a coffee table and the fuck is custom built. When I grow some hair I'm going to whiff that shit to the sky so fuckers will see me coming from a goddamn mile. I'm going to go think about some intelligent shit right now like particle physics and fucking wave-particle duality. Fuck headbands, fuck size 7 hats and fuck this shit. I'm out.

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the bipolar bear said...

i can't help but think that this is a pot shot at my melon....which is totally fine by me.