Thursday, June 23, 2005

When Oprah Attacks

Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.

So let me get this straight...Oprah shows up at a furniture store 15 minutes AFTER it closed, they don't let her in, and the store ends up apologizing to her. Why? She plays the race card of course. You've gotta step back and think about this one - if it wasn't Oprah, but a white middle class woman looking to buy furniture, would they have let that woman in? where does color come into this. Is she trying to become a billionaire Rosa Parks? Methinks Oprah is a little too used to getting what she wants, and the press is all too willing to go along with it. This link was placed on the front page of CNN with the headline: "Luxury Store Turns Away Oprah, Apologizes" which immediately puts the image of a racist piece of shit store into your mind. A more accurate headline would have been "Oprah Demands to Enter Closed Store, Pretentiousness Clouding Rationality."

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