Sunday, June 12, 2005

Iowa Man Pretty Sure He Took World's Longest Piss

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Four pitchers at McLeod's Tavern on 4th Street and two Miller Lite tallboys during the drive home put Kenny Cho in a bad way to relieve himself. When friend and drinking buddy John Long decided to swing by a friend's house to pick up a Playstation game on the way home, Cho began to double up with a painful need to urinate. For reasons he was later unable to recall, Cho did not simply use the restroom at Long's friend's residence, preferring to wait until they returned to his apartment. Thirty agonizing minutes later Cho stumbled through the entry way to his apartment, dropped the remaining beer cans onto the tile floor and ran into the apartment's sole bathroom. Later, when Cho sauntered from the bathroom much relieved, he pointed out that he may have actually broken a record for 'the world's longest piss.' Long argued that he probably had not broken any record's citing a piss of impressive duration he himself had taken just two weeks before. Cho was steadfast in his claim describing the piss as having lasted 'at least five minutes,' as well as 'filling the whole bowl with foam' and 'almost overflowed the thing.'

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