Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Message from your Governor

Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
Don't go see Batman Begins. This new addition to the Batman series will only tarnish the legacy we left with what should have been the final installment, Batman & Robin. Batgirl's suit had nipples that were fully visible on her suit - why would they dare cut her out of this latest version? I am the Gubernator and I will personally visit theaters across the state to insure they are not showing this travesty to the public. Christian Bale can probably bench no more than 235 lbs anyway. Remember that time in Batman & Robin when I told everyone to Freeze? You can forget about seeing that kind of wit in Batman Begins, it looks so serious from what I've seen on the previews. I wonder if they're going to reuse clips from the first Batman when they show Bruce Wayne's parents being killed? If you happen to see it - and you shouldn't - let me know.

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