Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Gives With These Pedophiles?

Rebel Yell
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Everywhere we look nowadays there’s another article about pedophilia smeared across the headlines in bold thirty point font. Instead of thrusting these lusty fellows into the limelight to bask in the glory of their child raping brethren, how about take a step a couple dozen centuries and reinstitute an old custom. This is not a new idea by any stretch; an eye for an eye. There seems to be some squeamishness when it comes down to truly punishing those who deserve it, but I was fortunately born without this reluctance. I propose that society creates a system by which child lovers are made to submit to the same sexual intimacies they would thrust upon children. I’ve heard of a black man, currently serving in the Illinois state correctional system who is of massive stature in both height and breadth. His massive frame is such that the average man seems just a mere child standing at his elbow. Also massive is this man’s penis, claim those who have had the ill-fortune to have been sent to the showers in his company. A full foot long and thick as a man’s wrist, fiercely veined and a deep coal black, like stove pipe that has somehow been conjured to life. If this man were to rape another man, say a child rapist for instance, it would be very similar in sensation to that which was forced upon the child. After two or three days of twice-daily sessions of oral and anal rape, the newly transformed pedophile could be released to a hospital for surgery and recovery. Two months later, a new man would walk out of the prison hospital, changed both mentally and physically. The chances of re-offending, in the face of repeated ‘therapy’ would be well below the standard 75% recidivism rate currently seen by parolee’s. Some might be curious about the black man, whether or not he himself would be willing to issue forth such punishments, but this is not an issue of concern. There is always a man like this one, somewhere, just waiting to unleash his hidden talent. The ‘eye for an eye’ soldier could go about freely in a loincloth and be respected. We could call him ‘Karl’ and give him free drinks.

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Anonymous said...

You have cosmic wisdom and should run for public office.