Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Feminine Names Lead to Murder

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There is something fundamentally wrong with giving a child a name of the opposite sex. It never sits well with the child, and sits even less well with schoolmates who, as everyone is so fond of saying, can be so cruel. The young boys with feminine names are never able to escape the inevitable teasing and it seems quite likely that the offending parents have this in mind from the start. Is it as the Johnny Cash song suggests; ‘I grew up fast and I grew up mean?’ Is that the intention of these parents, to toughen their son’s skins against a brutal and sometimes cold and cruel world? It seems this phenomenon primarily afflicts boys, as there are few female Jeffrey’s or William’s floating around. Yes there is Daryl Hannah, that much must be conceded. But could it be that parents are so far removed from reality they think a boy named Stacey will have an easy go of things growing up? Even deeper into that avenue of thought is the reality that it is the female parent who chooses these names, not the male. No father thinks ahead fondly of the son he will some day name Tracy or Ashley or, yes it really happens, Kelly. The unlucky boys know this, because it is inevitable that after a particularly grueling session of teasing on the bus ride home from school that the boy will ask (probably through a shroud of tears) why his name is Rebecca. This will undoubtedly sow seeds of hatred within the boy and will accumulate throughout his lifetime, ultimately finding an outlet though unusual means. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that they become a serial killer. Think of Angel Resendez better known as ‘The Railroad Killer.’ Deep in your heart can you think of a better reason to kill a whole mess of people than growing up in rural Mexico with the name Angel?

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