Thursday, June 30, 2005

Postlethwaite Not Very Good Looking

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It really struck me the other day as I was watching the Usual Suspects for the 2000th time that Mr. Kobayashi is a pretty ugly man. His endearing if somewhat pathetic role as Giuseppe Conlon wormed his way into my heart and when he finally croaked I was pretty bummed. The only thing keeping this guy from reaching any real headlining stardom is the fact that his face could scare paint off the wall. I have to wonder what goes through a person like him when they decide that they are much better suited to be in front of a camera instead of behind it. As a side note, its interesting to know that embalming fluid when pumped into human veins expands the erectile tissues. Think about that one next time they only open the top half of a casket at a funeral.


Juggernaut said...

Happened across you blog. Very nicely done. Onion-esque at times, but overall greatly amusing. Will be adding it as a site to check out.

Maximillion said...

Free the five!