Sunday, February 12, 2006

Man With Upset Stomach Covering A Lot Of Ground

Mr. Potomki has been vomiting unchecked for four days. He's puked on cleavage, spare ribs, frozen carrots, two rhubarb pies, a hot curling iron, a Gerainium, in two sinks, four wastebaskets, three shoeboxes, a hatchback, and all over a black light poster at Spencer's Gifts. It's strange that he still has stomach contents to regurgitate but he has produced at least twenty five pints of partially digested food and stomach fluids in order to coat everything in sight. Speculations are running wild.


et tu, maximillion? said...

That's it Britney, lap up that vomit LIKE A DOG. Get on all fours LIKE A DOG.

Anonymous said...

Micah needs to puke up a few meals.

Buff Tan Honky said...

That's right, like a DOG, get her down with her ass up like a dirty, mangy DOG. Do her like a DOG. From behind. LIKE A DOG.