Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Historians Poring Over Karl Marx's Blog

Prolific blogger
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Hailed as the most influential socialist thinker of the 19th Century, historians were stunned to learn that Karl Marx also maintained a popular blog called "Bearded Wisdom" that poked fun at topical issues such as the American Civil War and the potato famine.

It's still unclear if Marx started blogging because he became famous, or if the blog was in fact the catalyst to that fame. Marx certainly seemed more combative than in his later writings - his repeated challenges to kick Cornelius Vanderbilt's ass apparently went unanswered. Overall the writing is sloppy and Marx seems more interested in getting laid than projecting socialist ideals. This, along with vague references to a "cross country team," leads Dr. Carl Compactus of Carnegie Mellon University to theorize that Marx maintained the blog during high school.

The blog comes on top of last year's surprise discovery of videotapes chronicling the first season of Marx's unpopular reality show, "Arbeiterherausforderung Deutschland Ru├čland," or "Germany-Mother Russia Worker Challenge 1879."


AmDgPSU said...

Perhaps when you get older, you'll find that critical thinking and positive critiquing go hand in hand - otherwise I'm grateful that I'll never grow up to be the blogger you are.
Thanks for reading.

maximillion is humbled said...

I understand. You've shown that it's difficult to write an interesting blog. The trick is to have a goal in mind, and write towards that. For example, my goal is to get laid by a girl who reads my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your goal should just be to get laid, loser. Who cares if they can read.

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Maximillion has got sticky fingaz!

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