Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm The Tan Guy In The Middle

i enjoy tanning
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All I have to say is thank god for Jamaican Bronze tanning gel! I have been tanning for weeks to build the complete solid tan base that I have been wanting for so long and Jamaican Bronze is the ONLY tanning gel that has helped me achieve this goal. I tried activators, moisturizers, sunless tanning lotion (wasn’t that a cruel joke) and all for nothing. All my troubles changed when I walked into Totally Fucking Tan, a new salon by my apartment, and saw a bottle of this stuff sitting on one of the cute wicker stands beside the counter. On a whim I bought three bottles and figured they would join the three or four dozen largely unused bottles under my sink. Never could I have been more wrong. Almost instantly after applying the sweet smelling gel did I actually FEEL my skin becoming tanner. I swear I could hear it crackle! Now I have that ‘all-over’ tan that makes me look like I just spent six months sunbathing nude at St. Barts. I have to use quarts of Curel to keep my skin from cracking apart, but believe me, it is worth every application. Now when I go into a room, I know everyone loves my tan, especially now that it’s winter! I bought two cases of Jamaican Bronze from Costco because it’s being discontinued for some reason. I think I’m going to buy more tomorrow because I truly have found my wonder gel.

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