Friday, November 11, 2005

Black Men Need to Keep Their Hands OFF

nice couple
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I know that I'm not alone in my complete frustration with the current trends in interracial relationships. Though black men constitute some 5% of the US population they seem to have their grubby black fingers all over the asses of at least HALF of all huge, shitty looking WHITE girls. Listen up, there are a whole lot of fat, shitty looking white dudes that are getting left in the dust. Black girls don't go for them, in fact, black girls are getting the shaft too and not in a good way. Black men stick to big white bitches like stink on shit. So where does that leave everyone else? Up shit creek and the black girls are sitting on the paddle. What are these black men thinking? Do they really want to have 'mixed' kids? We all know how that turns out, Mariah Carey layed it all out in that interview. Even beautiful tan looking white girls like her are horrifically excluded from both races! I put this to all black men out there: Is that rolling pile of white shit really worth it? As a side note, all black men should be shirtless at all times...because, you know...they have nice bodies.


Buff Tan Honky said...

I'm waiting for you to post one of those fucking ads so I can drive the stock of my shotgun into your face until your skull caves in. I'll piss on the mess thats left over.

Anonymous said...

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Mortsgreb said...

The voices are telling me to kill, kill kill Whimsicalarts. KILL