Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunsets Remind Me of Old Men Sexing Each Other

new mexico sunset
Originally uploaded by Buff Tan Honky.
There is something about sunsets that moves me to experience feelings that I am not usually interested in. Hate, fear and distrust are all staples of my daily emotional output and stretching myself beyond these creates quite the predicament within my psyche. I avoid all things that might sow the seeds of sentiment in myself; happy movies like Platoon, ice cream cones, and the real killer-sunsets. Despite my best efforts I find it impossible to avoid all influences that might instill in me a momentary flash of joy or love. It is in the moments immediately following these situations that I fall back upon a very useful tool, a photograph I habitually carry in my wallet. The photo, a well loved and creased snapshot of two old men passionately making love, which I found as a fresh, young and impressionable child, brings me back into control. It is important to have balance in life and often it is something as simple as a photograph that brings things back into focus. Too many of us fluctuate between the polar extremes of emotion and suffer because of it. This doesn't have to be so. Find your photograph and be free.

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Old Man w/Old Balls said...

I have always felt sunsets were about two elderly gents making love as well. Interesting. We should really get together for coffee some time.