Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eleven Years Later, "Surviving the Game" Still Terrifies Homeless Community

Homeless and Hunted
Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
Deep mistrust of homeless people with the general public was dramatically worsened by 1994 thriller "Surviving the Game," scientists determined yesterday.

A ten-year study of homeless psychology by the University of Pennsylvania found that the movie was the principal reason for a dropoff in shelter attendance, and was cited by homeless as the main reason they've avoided leaving urban environments.

"In retrospect I probably shouldn't have shown that movie at the shelter's movie night last week," local shelter owner Brent Cline said. "I just figured they would enjoy seeing Charles S. Dutton on the big screen."

The longstanding demand of the International Homeless Association that Ice-T and Gary Busey issue a joint apology has gone unanswered. Ironically, Gary Busey was voted most likely to be homeless in 40 years in his high school yearbook. Their foresight was astounding.


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