Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Local Barbers are Starving and the Thrift Store is Sold Out of Black

Sooo much hair
Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
These guys are like locusts, they go from town to town setting trends and putting hard-working Americans out of business. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BUY ANY MUSIC MADE OR PEDDLED BY THEM. Once your 7-year old gets one look at the lead singer, suddenly he doesn't want to visit the barbershop and he starts listening to Creed's earlier work. These guys have never seen a Mach 3 in their life.

I wonder if they get into arguments on who started growing out their hair first, or if they ever both show up at the drag races wearing the same black shirt. God, how embarrassing! When they took this photo of their band they certainly wanted to look hard, but the white minivan on the left tells me different. It's probably the drummer's sister's car. She needed to go to the laundromat and asked if the band could watch little Jesse while they do their photo shoot thing.

But still they go on tour and hope that their big break is just around the bend, next to the White Castle. Keep wearing that black, fellas. That shit ain't never going out of style.


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Horseface said...

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Buff Tan Honky said...

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Buff Tan Honky said...

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Torsten said...

I'd like to introduce you to my wonderful daughter Whimsicalart. She will be quite the looker once we rip that mole off her face and cover the pus-filled hole with beige paint.

I'm going to hide on my roof and use my 9 mm to shoot anything that reminds me of Whimsicalarts.

Dieter said...

My body stinks of the grave.