Sunday, August 14, 2005

Diane ''Dumb Ugly Bitch" Keaton

the whore
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I fucking hate this stupid bitch. That's right, the star of Baby Boom. She is the worst piece of shit on the face of the Earth. Every fucking picture you see of the hag has her sporting some new stupid had like you won't notice how ugly the face is under it. She has big yellow teeth and a flat mannish body. I'm still wracking my brain to discover how this disgusting thing every managed to score a role in any movie. I wouldn't cast her in the most degrading porn film ever devised...wait...maybe if it involved a lot of bowel movements on her stupid grinning face. I await the day when it is discovered that she is actually a he-with a 9 inch tool to match those wide manly shoulders. There's something about this hulking she-him that makes me want to legalize mercy killing. Fuck her...him...whatever. Name a movie she's in that she doesn't look-act-dress like a fucking transvestite.

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