Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Brilliant Mallard Largely Ignored

Originally uploaded by drippingmullet.
Thwarted by a lack of opposable thumbs and an inability to speak, this young Mallard duck decided to end its forray into the field of quantum mechanics. Having mastered much of the mathmatics used in predicting the behaviors of microscopic particles, the Mallard realized his only path of advancement was to move into the controversial study of quantum theory. Theory means experimentation and argument, two things which are difficult to do from a patch of lily pads. Despite ground breaking new ideas that could finally meld the arguments dividing physicists on the issues of relativity versus quantum string theory as well as possessing direct mathmatical evidence that disproves Einstein's conservation of energy theory, the mallard is throwing in the towel. Seemingly content to paddle around a small pond waiting to be shot by some drunk idiot in a rowboat, the big brained duck secretly hopes that the Robin Williams of the animal kingdom will crack his tough shell and give him the kick in the ass he needs.

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