Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Chances Are Good They Have Southern Accents

gas these people
Originally uploaded by drippingmullet.
People this stupid only seem to live in Virginia. One look at the shitty car and all the crap strapped to it and you have to wonder why not just walk to wherever you're moving and start over. What could possibly be in those boxes that would make them worth looking so stupid. I am willing to bet at least one Clay Aiken cd is riding high as well as an entire catalogue of Will and Grace dvds. Oh yeah, his bitch owns a dvd player. Poor people always do. She also has had her expanded cable package transferred to her new place too. Thats why she couldn't get a Uhaul. If that car is actually equipped with an airbag she is going to be decaptitated by it sitting that close to the wheel. Why so much more duct tape dedicated to holding the boxes together and not to holding them onto the car? This is the type of person that will kill you in a drunk driving accident then sue your family for damaging her green hatchback. I wonder what it smells like it that car. Can't be good.

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