Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You Can Do Sidebends or Situps, But Please Don't Lose Those Jowls

Sexy, sexy jowls
Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
Jowl, (joul), n.

The flesh under the lower jaw, especially when plump or flaccid.

Oh man that's so sexy. Pre-teens look up "sex" and "penis" in the dictionary to get off, and old men look up "jowls." Old men have been waiting SO LONG for Madonna to obtain what they covet - sexy jowls to fondle and rub in the sack. Madonna used to be all hot, skinny, sensual, but not an inch of jowls to be found. Now she's married, she's had kids and despite all that yoga you can't keep the jowls at bay. Her husband probably doesn't appreciate them, probably hasn't tucked his manhood between the bone and the jowls like an old man would, but in time he'll understand. Don't let the jowls go unloved gentlemen. Fuck them, suck them, tame them, make the jowls your own.


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Buff Tan Honky said...
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Anonymous said...

This post is dumb.

Buff Tan Honky said...

Fuck you all!!!!!!!!!

Buff Tan Honky said...

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