Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Van Damme Bags a Hotty

van dammage
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So his career is in the lower end of a downward spiral and the lump on his forehead is growing steadily. Things are not looking good in Jean-Claude Van Damme's life right? WRONG! Stopping by longtime friend Ralph Macchio's trailer on the set of Beer League, Van Damme thought he was in for a few laughs and maybe a few insider tips on the latest martial arts techniques from the Crane Kick Man himself. Instead the Muscles from Brussels found himself in the arms of lighting tech Janece Handle a 46-year-old divorcee from Hoboken, New Jersey. Hitting things off in a big way, the two became fast friends and even faster lovers. They now take romps at least six times daily with 'lots of oral' according to Handle. Nuptuals are not in the works just yet, but 'you never know' Van Damme said with a wink and a flash of that heart-stopping smile.

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