Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not Atreyu The Child... Atreyu The Warrior!

If Atreyu is a good representative sample of what the plains people had to offer think about how hot the chicks been. He is so feminine and soft looking the women of that tribe would be unbelieveable. Only the bravest of men will admit that they became aroused by Atreyu's tawny mane of hair and those eyes you could lose yourself in, and not saying I'm one of those men, I just imagine that there are many men out there like that. Many. That being said it is important to notice the soft pink lips and the improbably perfect teeth. How could things such as this exist in a world devoid of dentistry? Because the tribe is so good looking, thats why! People forget that world's do exist in this universe where both a buffalo can be purple and a teen boy can walk around in a shirt collar cut low enough to piss through without the threat of violent rape hanging above their heads like a thundercloud. Things like this happen, maybe not to us, but they could! A normal man meeting a band of plains people would be struck by the Indian complexions covering Anglo-Saxon cheekbones and become driven to enter every person in the tribe, regardless of age or gender. The flury of partners would become a blur with the clapping of their sweating stomachs keeping tempo. Personally, I'm glad I haven't met any plains people, because I don't think I have in me whatever it takes to screw an entire group of people.


Anonymous said...

that little iranian girl should be in a birka.

Anonymous said...

Fuck those damn sand monkeys please dont mention them again