Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Why does Vladimir Nabokov hold exclusive rights to the underage babe market? Because he's Russian and it is expected of the guy. It's no big shock when a chain smoking, low forehead Slav points to a twelve year old girl and descibes her as the 'fire of his loins' as Nabokov did in his controversial novel Lolita. Everywhere but in the United States and Canada it is completely acceptable to openly gape at the tan legs of a 4th grader. When will society learn that this is healthy and completely natural? There is nothing wrong with an old man's too-long hug or a more than friendly pat on the back that trails down across the top of the buttocks at the very last moment that might seem accident but is absolutely not. This is how old, weather beaten men show their affections! For this, they are treated as criminals and locked away, candy clenched in their arthritis crippled hands. Hands, that crave the delicate, tickling wonder of a child's damp hair, fresh from the plastic front yard pool he pulled them kicking and screaming from. Let them out of their unjust confinement and open your hearts to them. They will give more Granfatherly knee-rides than you could shake a stick at, all for the love of hot, hot underage babes. But not little boys though, they are awkward and they smell wierd most of the time.


Anonymous said...

wheres jonny?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Buff Tan Honky said...


fuck you.

comm student said...

Is there a way to stop people from using your blog to market themselves? A block perhaps?

It's wrong and I would consider legal action, if possible.

My little boys often smelled funny too. It hasn't gotten any better as they have aged.

My husband also smells; although, his odor is attributed to the lies and deceit being oozed from his worthless carcass as it bloats in my sump pump. Oh, goodness! Did I type that out loud? I apologize...I must hate him more than I consciously realized.

Anonymous said...

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