Sunday, December 04, 2005

God Loves Me Just as Much as You

Mohawk + Buck Teeth = Sex
Originally uploaded by Jorge Ragtime.
I bet you're looking at me right now wondering whether I'm a real person or a Halloween mask. I get that all the time. I'm actually an administrative assistant at a local real estate firm. Before going to bed one night I decided it would be fun to get a little wacky with the hairspray and see what I would look like with a rock n roll hairdo. Look honey, now I know how we can pay to get my teeth fixed! I'll join a rock n roll band! The hardest part is already taken care of!

But seriously, here's today's to do list:

1. Find an upper lip.
2. Trim my sexy beard.
3. Botox injection.
4. Submit rock n roll hairdo photo to Jay Leno show.
5. Find orthodontist.

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Anonymous said...

I would skull fuck him too!!!!