Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now Lie On The Bed... And Close Your Eyes

As the silky drapes billow on the soft ocean breeze and the starlight glints off my chunky silver jewelry, you will know you are with a realman. Smell my hair oil and know this. Stroke my muscles under Egyptian cotton and know this. Run your tongue along my wispy chinstrap and know you are being bedded by a true specimen of man. You are safe with me. Go ahead and say that you feel that way. I already know you will because I am a muscular man with the powerful mane of a lion. When sex happens between us you will know you are with a man because of my penis. You will see it. I will show it to you between each sensual stroke of sexlove. I live in a palace of white resplendent with throw pillows upon which I will love you. In all ways will I let you enjoy my malebody. The strength of my malebody will be felt with each powerful hump. Nudity is my gift to you. Loose trousers of Egyptian cotton with flimsy drawstrings that barely contain my bloated manhood will fall to the Italian marble floor. Your eyes will fall to my sexwand. Your eyes will grow with fear and trepidation. My sexwand will grow with a lust for your innocence. Upon the exquisitely expensive flooring with you learn that woman is to be subjugated by someone possessing a malebody such as mine. I am buff. I am goodlooking. You are mine.


caitlin said...

Gross. You know this guy has like, a white tiger with a jeweled collar prowling around somewhere.

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