Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yeah, I Can Reproduce

You might be sitting there, wondering to yourself whether or not I possess the ability to pass on these genes god blessed me with. Well, I'm here to tell you that I can. Right between these slender thighs is about three pounds of swinging meat, just aching for the chance to repopulate the globe in the event of a nuclear holocaust or some kind of wierd virus that wipes out all the healthy males but me. I can impregnant females until I die. Nature made me that way. Why? Because men, like myself, need to be able to spread their seed. It gives us the ability to select suitable females into a herd, or pack if you will, from which we can choose our nightly bedmates. I usually choose two at a time because this doubles my chances at having many, many, many, many children. Sons hopefully! Being a bold alpha male, I am forced to dominate those around me. As a result the females are drawn to both my masculine strength and my musk. It is sometimes necessary for me to drive off young males who would like to steal females from my pack. This is normal and usually occurs around spring break. The females go into a sex crazed frenzy when I return to the pack, dripping with the blood and sweat of my foe, my chest heaving with lust. I have a penis and it was made to impregnate females. Who am I to withstand the force of nature within my loins?

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prove it!