Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Like Irish Dim Sum?

Then go to O'Asian! The best traditional Irish Chinese food you'll ever find, served right in downtown Seattle. Like green beer? Try their green tea instead! Eat an entire fucking plate of shrimp-cabbage-rolls served just the way the asians in Ireland used to; with chopsticks! The legendary cooking traditions of the Irish Chinamen are no secret, but wait until you have a big steaming bowl of egg-drop soup. It is sure to transport you straight back to the emerale isle. Seriously, the shit is fucking amazing. Why wouldn't it be? Could anyone who dreamt up a truly wondrous name like O'Asian not make a delicious Irish Chinese meal? I doubt it. So go check this place out, or just get drug there by someone else like I did and spend an hour and a half absolutely furious that your money is going to some fucking retard that named a goddamn restaurant O'Asian and that somehow that person has miraculously avoided walking in front of a speeding bus. Where are all the stray bullets when you need them?