Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More Things I Hate

1. Population growth. We're due to reach 9 billion pointless assholes on this planet by the time I should have been able to retire.
2. Leaning over to pick something up, burping, and then puking into my mouth.
3. The "man" who had a baby.
4. People who think dying their hair weird colors is even remotely unique.
5. Subway, especially that one in Tacoma
6. That hunk of shit tv show Two and a Half Men
7. EVERYONE who shits on the wall in a public bathroom, I mean, what gives?
8. The fucking idiots who are going to publish edited versions of Huck Finn due to its racist language. Fuck you.
9. Progressive Insurance
10. The people you see hiking with two $150 walking sticks for a trail loop that's four miles round trip.
11. Anyone who can't take a punch.
12. Rubbers. Yeah, I know this kind of flies in the face of #1.

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