Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fuck Christian Lander

This guy is a fucking gem. Is he really getting semi-famous for writing a book listing things that white people enjoy? Why not read a fucking list of someone's favorite colors? Are people out there really that stupid? Wait... I know they are. It is just a little hard to wrap my head around sometimes. But really? What a cheeky fucker this Lander bitch is! I just can't believe the nerve he has to write about white people without fear of being called racist. That's soooooo edgy. It's not even like Chris Rock and his endless list of black-bashing jokes. Jesus fucking Christ. It only took this Lander guy about twenty years of def comedy jam re-runs to realize that you can make all the racist jokes you want as long as you only make fun of own race. Cross party lines and you get in hot water! HAHAHA! Now the author of the book Stuff White People Like and the website is going on television promoting his book. Riveting! I can only imagine how fucking breathtaking those interviews are going to be. What could anyone possibly ask this guy? All he had to do was make a list of things that are stereotypically enjoyed by minority groups and virtually everything else is worthy of an entry into his book. His brilliant topics include such hard hitting topics as white people liking t-shirts, shorts and sweaters (each of those was a separate topic), expensive sandwiches, sushi, having black friends and diversity. Based on those beauties why not push the envelope a little? I'd be so bold as to point out that white people enjoy forks. I also think white people prefer living in houses and that white people like to have clean feet. There you go! Bestseller? You fucking bet! The reviews of this guy's shit book on are fucking amazing. How about Jayne P. Bowers who said "This has got to be the funniest and truest book I've read in a long, long time." Well, maybe she's a bad example. She did give 5 out of 5 for the book Flawed Families of the Bible. Fucking retard. Since I only bothered to actually read a few pages of this retard's webpage, I'll probably never know if he bothered to point out the one thing white people seem to enjoy most. Making fun of white people! It's right there! How could he not have seen it? His next book should be Making Fun of White People: The Best Way To Make Your Black Friends Laugh.

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Anonymous said...

well fucking said, wellll fucking said. This guys a prick. fuck christain lander and his shitty book.