Thursday, July 17, 2008

Backstabbing Commie Villager For Sale

This is a once in a lifetime chance to purchase your very own communist villager. She comes complete with black pajamas, wild hair and a driving need to kill all capitalist swine. While she may appear docile and spiritually broken, trust me, she is anything but! Her will to survive and spread the true communist ideal throughout villages everywhere makes her the dynamic enemy you've always wanted to own. Surviving on little more than a cup of rice and some meager scraps of meat, she can entertain you for countless hours spouting off the most uproarious communist manifesto! Propery motivated (beaten) she will confess to just about anything, which is a sure way to keep any friday night from getting stagnant. Invite over your friends to throw shit at her! She loves it! After her pals submerged American G.I.s in pools of filth and excrement, she knows she's got it coming. So get out your wallet and get a little bit of old fashioned revenge. Price so low it can't be advertised (whatever that means.)


000sundancer000 said...

Read the comment I left on your entry about The Childlike Empress' name!

Sabrina said...

Great work.