Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Wish Martin Short Would Push This Fucking Stick Up His Ass

So who likes Martin Short? I fucking don't. He's always like 'Hi! I'm a ugly dumbfuck.' That's what he's always saying. I'm like 'fuck you, Martin Short.' Whenever I talk about Martin 'Fucking' Short, everyone's always like 'yeah but what about fucking Inner Space?' I just have to be like 'even Dennis Quaid couldn't save that fucking movie.' People just don't fucking get it. Martin short IS a cunt. It's just a fucking fact of life. He dresses up like a fat person to be more funny and he's all like 'hey I'm fucking fat so I'm suddenly way funnier.' Fuck that shit. Martin Short is in dumb fucking movies and he's a stupid whorish fuck. Maybe we'll all get lucky and his big fucking teeth with grow even bigger so we can use them for dominoes when he dies.

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