Saturday, March 11, 2006

Doug; Fighting Homosexuality Wherever It Bears It's Ugly Head

There is something about the penetration of a man’s ass that sets a select group of males on edge. They fear it, they wait for it, they seek out those who are interested in it. These men are not those who enjoy the act, rather, they fear and hate those that do. Crushing the hopes and dreams of homosexuals is their goal and they are good at what they do. “What are you looking at FAG?” This is their mantra and they repeat it until no one is able to forget it. Ever. Doug is one of these men. He seeks out homosexuals, or gays as some like to call them, and sends them a message from the other side of the fence; ‘You are NOT welcome.’ These same-sex deviants who ply their trade where we (breeders) live are now on the run. Doug is out and he is hunting for them. No same sex couple is going to rest easy knowing that confused men are out there trying to stop them from doing whatever they are up to (we don’t want to know the details.)


comm student said...

Dear Buff Tan Honky,

Speaking as a writing tutor at a Big Ten school, I think you are a wonderful rhetorician.

Your posts are filled with opinionated passion.

Your writing style blends your everyday experiences with honest humor and wit.

You've made me laugh today, and I thank you.

I'm going to share your blog with my son and his friends, as I know they will love it too.

Does "respecting" my hair translate to mean that you like it? You'll forgive me for not understanding, but I'm not as cool as I used to be.

I hope you visit my blog again, as I am preparing to post a serial-type feature story.

I also hope that you comment on that story. Only next time, would you please do so without swearing? I'd like to know your opinion on my writing, as I hope to continue it as a profession.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I think she writes like a homo. please grow your hair out and hang yourself with it.

Anonymous said...

whats going on in the life of john we need to see new updates.

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