Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rawley Valverde Is A Fag

Yeah, remember this fucker from Channel One News? He's that stupid Latin fucker that tried to sound serious and introspective about issue he clearly didn't even fucking understand. I remember thinking how unreal it was that someone who was only twenty or so could have been a reporter on that show. Turns out this dipshit was over thirty at the time. Having a baby face gets you cool gigs like that. Where's Channel One now? Who fucking knows. But Valverde is working for Current TV and dreams of one day becoming a staff writer for the Simpsons. That would be an interesting turn. I hate this fucker. Look at that stupid fucking grin. What does he have to grin about? 'Hey I was on some stupid fucking news show in 1995.' What a fucking hard-on.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are?

Anonymous said...

He's a douchebag allright. Knew him in high school. What a dick.