Sunday, December 04, 2005


Racist babies? What seems like an inappropriate joke is a phenomena that is sweeping across the Bible-belt states like a firestorm. The mystery of how this hatred began to flourish so rapidly is being pondered at the most exclusive learning centers around the globe. As yet the only reasonable explanation put forth is it being an inherent trait the child develops in utero. This baby, bathed in the amniotic fluids of its well-intending mother, developed a hatred of blacks so strong it refused to stop crying in the presence of black babies in the hospital nursery. The child tore its swaddling clothes from it's body and fashioned a crude likeness of a Klu Klux Klan robe for itself from a pillowcase. The child went literally berserk at the site of a African American nursing assistant and repeatedly thrust its forked fingers towards the woman in an earnest warding off gesture. Child psychologist Dr. Earl "The Thong" Nighswonger of Bob Jones University stated that 'the boy is making his feelings known at an early age and this important stage of development should not be curbed.' The bewildered parents, whose names are being withheld at their request, are shocked and outraged by their child's actions but are following the doctor's orders to the letter. 'We gave him a small cross to burn in his playpen, though for the life of me I can see as how this is a healthy thing to do,' the child's Caucasian-African American mixed father said during a telephone interview. 'What's he going to do when my [black] dad comes to take him fishing? Try to lynch him?'

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